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Learning from home

Learning From Home Plans During Lockdown (all students currently have returned to school)

Here are some fun wellbeing activities for you and your children to engage with over the next couple of weeks, if you choose to. Thank you to Mrs Priest for the wonderful ideas, they look like lots of fun! (pdf available here)

Home Learning for Students

Below is a range of resources to assist with this Learning from Home.

Resources for Parents

Please find below some links to assist with supplementing classwork or learning how to use some of the Department applications.

Useful Websites

These are a variety of websites used at school or suggested by the DOE to supplement home study in Literacy, Mathematics and other KLA areas.


School Magazine (3-6) A collection of plays, poems, stories and comics.

Epic Books (K-6) A digital library for kids 12 and under

Pobble 365 (3-6) Stimulating images for writing practice.

Study Ladder (K-6) Offers multiple lessons (students may already have a login from school)

Reading Eggs (K-6) Learn to read online (students from K-4 have a login)

Storyline Online (K-6) Stories read aloud



Maths Online (K-6) - Maths tutorials and online questions (all students have a login).

Red Dragonfly (5-6) - Provides a range of challenges to be solved in five to ten minutes that develop mathematical reasoning.

ABC Splash (K-6) - A variety of maths activities from the ABC

Youcubed (K-6) - A variety of resources for extending thinking.


Other Resources

BTN (3-6) Current affairs for kids. (3-6) Online coding resource.

Scratch (3-6) Online coding tool (some students Y4-6 may have a school account).

The Kids Should See This (K-6) A collection of 4,300+ kid-friendly videos.

Go Noodle (K-6) A variety of movement videos to get kids of the lounge.

Cosmic Yoga (K-6) An online place for yoga, games and fun.

Nrich (K-6) Maths activities for primary kids.