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Bring your own device

Grays Point Public School is implementing a full bring your own device (BYOD) across Years 5 and 6. Our vision is to encourage creative and innovative learning opportunities for students using BYOD as a tool to facilitate learning.

We will address issues such as equity (availability of BYOD devices for all students) as they arise. We will endeavour to ensure no child is disadvantaged in this program. Any concerns may be addressed to Mrs Betts Smith.

For more information. view the BYOD letter to parents (PDF 265KB) 

What is BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD), also called bring your own technology, refers to the policy of permitting students to bring agreed upon electronic devices to school, and to use those devices to access school information and appropriate applications for learning.

Why is our school going BYOD

From 2014 we purchased our first bank of iPads for student use and subsequently saw the educational benefit of these devices across the school. Many NSW schools are currently adopting the BYOD model to enable ‘one to one' student access to technology. Kirrawee High School has transitioned away from Stage 4 students (Years 7 & 8) bringing iPads to school to ALL students bringing a laptop device to school. To assist your child in making the transition to high school, we believe it to be beneficial that our Year 5 and 6 classes follow a similar program.

Benefits of BYOD

Bring your own device aims to improve students' learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. We believe that students and parents should have the flexibility to choose technology that aims to improve students' learning experiences both within the classroom and at home. It can allow students to carry a device that they are familiar with and that has relevant educational software and applications. It will function on the school's secure wireless network allowing students to continue to enrich their learning experience with relevant technologies.

Requirements of your BYOD

In order to have an effective BYOD management within the school, it is necessary that all BYOD devices conform to similar specifications. This is to enable all students, regardless of device type, to be able to work collaboratively in a class situation.

Form Factor

Laptop, convertible device or tablet

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 or newer, Apple MacOS Mojave Version 12, Chrome OS or iOS 16


Device must have 5GHz 802.11n support or better. This may be advertised as “Dual Band Wireless”, “802.11abgn”, “802.11agn”, “802.11ac” or “Gigabit Wireless”.

Web Browser

Computers must run a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge   


A sturdy case and/or screen protector will be required on all devices. 

Hardware Requirements

All devices require a microphone and camera + charger. We suggest laptops come with a minimum of 8Gb of RAM and recommend storage is SSD (Solid State Drive of at least 120Gb).

Educational Apps / Software

The following apps/software will be required to be preloaded to your device. Many of them come with devices post sale or are free. Extra apps/software may be required during the year. We will advise in advance when these may be necessary.


  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Minecraft Education Version
  • iMovie/Windows Moviemaker
  • Garageband (iPad only)
  • Epic Kids' Books & Videos
  • Google Chrome


  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Minecraft Education Version
  • iMovie/Windows Moviemaker
  • Garageband (Mac only)

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